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Forget-Me-Not Counselling

Counselling provides a space for you to share your story - your thoughts, feelings and the issues you are experiencing. It's a place for you to think, talk, cry, shout or just be. It’s an opportunity to look at your story fully and gain perspective. I will respect and encourage you.
Like a story, counselling has a beginning, middle and an end. Each stage can be worked on at your pace, and you can bring as many stories as you choose. Like a good book, I believe counselling can be picked up and put down, dipped in and out of and returned to at different stages in life.
For me, a good book will stretch me, empower me, educate me, and help me to discover new or hidden parts of myself. It will feel therapeutic. These are my hopes for what counselling will be for you.
Morgan Horton, Dip. Couns MBACP
Forget-Me-Not Counselling

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